Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 9

(work site)

                Despite your unnecessary delay, you have returned to work.  Better late than never.  Your analysis has identified the cause of damage: a section of the switching mechanism has been removed, cut loose by a high-intensity beam weapon or tool.  The most likely explanation is sabotage.  Law enforcement personnel have been notified as a result of your findings.  Please wait until they arrive and collect evidence, before proceeding…

                Positioning data shows a single-car train on track Y-64, incoming from GeVinVas.  Fourth switch interdiction has been overridden.  At current velocity, this train will reach your position in 1 duodecad.  Based on previous analysis, completing repairs in time to prevent derailment at the damaged switch has a very low probability.  Recommend moving to a safe distance away from the switch site.

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