Broken Record - Chapter Links

    You think you can leave.  You see a problem, you try to get away from it, you work hard to establish yourself somewhere new.  It doesn't matter.  Your past is always there, where you left it.  Sometimes, it doesn't need to come looking for you.  Sometimes, you return home and find it waiting... knowing you'd come back.

    My name is Stchvk.  I'm a detective, a Vislin, and a resident of the Great Family world of "Spore", to use your Terran name.  I thought I'd get away, just for a vacation, taking a job outside of my hometown: Layafflr City.  I love the city, but it's a mixed relationship; I hate her sometimes, too.  The job went bust and I had to crawl back home.

   On my return, I found more of my past waiting for me.  Pkstzk, ex-mate of my old packmate and criminal partner Rsspkz, wants me to investigate the murder of her second mate.  I don't want to dig up old history.  There are dangerous lines running under the surface of our shared past. 

   Do I help Pkstzk, for old times' sake?  Do I help her for my own sake, to make sure the official investigation doesn't turn up our dirty past?  Or do I run away again, out of the City and maybe off-world?  Getting a few systems away from Pkstzk might be a good idea, especially given how I still feel about her.

Chapter 1 -   Wish I Weren't Here
Chapter 2 -   Kicking Old Habits
Chapter 3 -   Window Shopping
Chapter 4 -   Neighborhood Watch
Chapter 5 -   Real Estate Agent
Chapter 6 -   Downtown Girl
Chapter 7 -   Getting A Room
Chapter 8 -   Patient Investigator
Chapter 9 -   Clean Bill
Chapter 10 - Abrupt Discharge
Chapter 11 - Sudden Movement
Chapter 12 - Threshold Lurker
Chapter 13 - Empty Nest
Chapter 14 - Hard Decisions
Chapter 15 - Trade Negotiations
Chapter 16 - Interrupted Intercourse
Chapter 17 - Out of Business
Chapter 18 - Rude Awakening
Chapter 19 - Bad Break-ins
Chapter 20 - Acquaintance Forgot
Chapter 21 - Skipped Track

Author: Nathan Large

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