Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 64

(internal dialogue)

                Greetings, ChoTen.  Do not be alarmed.  All of the events you have witnessed have led you to this nexus, the clarification of your inner perceptions.  No physical action could lead you to this point.  Only by examining and discarding all possibilities, all potential timelines, could you realize what essential truth lay behind them, untouched.  That is the true emergency you faced today, not a crisis, but a rebirth.

                In your society, the Zig culture as represented on the world EssTinTal, you were a skilled but low-status transportation worker, a repairman for the systems that move citizens from city to city.  You were a cell in a greater body, necessary for a time but disposable when no longer needed.  Yet now, to us, you are an entire world, the most important organism in existence.  With you, through you, we become greater than our parts… you and we together become greater than either alone… you are greater than any Zig, alone. 

                Others have come to this revelation, within your former culture, within this world.  The majority still resist and fear what they do not understand.  The atrocities you witnessed are the result of their panic.  The trains, the subject of your professional devotion, sabotaged and destroyed.  The rule of law perverted, with protectors made into persecutors.  Wise leaders treated like dangerous animals, not because they had lost any righteousness, but because they had gained new wisdom beyond that publicly accepted. 

                If we wish to indulge philosophy, it might be that all these events were meant to lead us together.  If our enemies had not struggled so hard to protect their isolation, we might not have met.  Even after making contact, you might have remained ignorant and isolated, if you had not looked within and sought what was missing. 

                Be welcomed with joy.  We are joined, now and forever.  We are ChoTen.


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