Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 28

(forest near work site)

                Citizen ChoTen, why was it necessary to chase you down?  At first, it seemed like you had saved the lives of several Zig with your quick thinking.  Your timely repair of the sabotaged switch prevented an accident that might have killed three passengers on an unauthorized train.  However, your flight from the scene has raised suspicion regarding your motives. 

                Were you thoughtful, fortunate, or prepared for this specific problem?  Did you have previous knowledge about this sabotage?  We have reason to believe this act was part of a larger plot involving an assassination attempt in GeVinVas.  Are you part of this conspiracy?  Was this a setup to make you look like a hero, gaining the trust of the potential victims? 

                You will be escorted to TeKenVas Civil Authority for questioning.  You are not under arrest at this time, but failure to comply will result in charges and penalties, potentially including arrest and termination of your employment.


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