The Wreck of the *Untranslatable* - Chapter Links

          The Wreck of the *Untranslatable* is a tale of adventure on the high stars, about the pirate spaceship Scape Grace and her crew, particularly captain Evgeny Lerner.  While wandering the edges of a distant system, the 'Grace spots a derelict freighter with an alien, untranslatable name, seemingly adrift from the deep dark between gravity's shores.  They soon discover that they have chanced upon more than a rare, foreign prize.


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Author: Nathan Large


  1. 'Wreck' came about as the nexus of several desires. I wanted to write something with lots and lots of characters. I wanted to work with some really nasty, mean, villainous protagonists. Last, I wanted a story with plenty of action: conflict and violence and danger. What better setting to indulge all those urges than a pirate ship? The underworld of the Empyrean universe needed some fleshing out, after all. Since that beginning (the over-long first chapter was originally intended as a stand-alone short story), it's wandered into some unexpectedly interesting territory. I hope you'll stay aboard for the journey... and look forward to the Wreck at the end.

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    2. The Featured Species has some descriptions of some of the races described for further reference; more will be added when we get the chance.