Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 39

(work site)

Worker ChoTen, please report.  Law enforcement reports all attackers dead, pacified, or in retreat.  It should be safe for you to speak again.  Repeat, please report…

[Law enforcement reports worker ChoTen deceased.  Witnesses indicate that the worker, already injured due to proximity to the derailment of maglev train Y-64-Vi, attempted to leave the area during a firefight with unknown assailants.  Cause of death was multiple impacts from projectile and plasma weaponry.  At this time, investigators are uncertain if ChoTen was an innocent bystander or active participant in the assassination conspiracy that killed the Revered HaKiRozTuVa.  If the former, his actions were likely due to panic or judgment error, possibly due to the prior injury.  If the latter, he may have been attempting to flee the site.]

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