The Emergency - Start Here!

         This is the 'official' starting page for the multiple-choice story, The Emergency.

         If you're familiar with the Choose Your Own Adventures book format, this story's structure should be obvious.  After reading each page, select the action you'd prefer to follow.  The link will take you to the next appropriate page.  Your story may end after one (good or bad) decision, after five choices, or possibly after ten. 

        To avoid spoiling any surprises, I recommend returning to this page after each ending, if you would like to try different choices and see a different ending.  By viewing pages through links (rather than by loading multiple pages at once), your browser will only load the current page and you won't accidentally see a page too early. 

         It's very tempting to look at all the possible endings of a Choose Your Own Adventure story, but try to wait until you've chosen a few full storylines on your own.  Some endings might not make as much sense out of context.  You might not know which decisions lead to which endings.  Some endings even contain clues to help you make better (or worse, but more interesting) choices on a future reading.  Finally, there are a lot of pages, so reading them all at once might just seem like gibberish.

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