Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 26

(work site)

                Citizen ChoTen, thank you for your assistance with the investigation of this crime.  Your quick thinking and action saved the lives of three Zig, including the Revered HaKiRozTuVa.  The Revered One was the target of an assassination attempt earlier today in GeVinVas and was forced to take an unauthorized train to escape death.  If you had not acted, he might still have died in an accident due to sabotage.

                You will be escorted to TeKenVas for further discussion and for your own protection.  The parties responsible for the attempt – or attempts – on the Revered One remain at large.  You may be targeted for disrupting this group’s plans.  The Revered One also wishes to thank you in person for your service.  This is a rare honor for an Iron Caste worker, particularly one of your rank.  Congratulations.



  1. Congratulations on reaching this 'good ending'. Try reading again, from the beginning, and taking a different path. I suspect you'll discover that this ending isn't the best possible result... -NL