Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Update: TEN YEARS?

 Prompted by a stray memory, I checked back to the first message posted to this website, the "Introduction".  It was created on August 21st, 2023... over ten years ago.  I didn't start writing or sharing stories in the Empyrean Dreams universe until later that year, but it's been almost ten years for me, too.  

That's impressive, if only for managing to keep a website going that long.  I grant that my updates have slowed to about one per year, but it's not totally quiet yet!  Plus, the previous Empyrean Dreams stories are all still here, all the books to date are still available for sale via links, and I'm still writing new stories.

Speaking of which... Third Time's the Curse, the next book in the Tales of the Scape Grace series, is very nearly complete.  I should be announcing its availability soon, here and on our Facebook page.  After that, I'll start writing "Biological Clock," the second of two short stories that will eventually become Stchvk Casefiles #2 (the first story, "Binding Threads," is already written).  

In the meantime, Empyrean Dreams will be attending Erie ComiCon yet again this year, from September 8th to the 10th.  Come on down if you're in town!  If so, also, our books are available on the shelves at Books Galore and Werner Books, here in Erie.  

What's next?  My goal for 2024 is more promotion: more sales venues, targeted advertising, and possibly, a move to a different publishing platform.  Amazon is a handy centralized platform with a low entry cost for self-publishing, but it's... well, Amazon.  I'd like to find a printer who also offers some direct promotion, even if it's a pay-for-views arrangement.  

You're welcome to help with that goal.  Share your Empyrean Dreams books or tell a friend about one of our books or the whole series.  Sales will hopefully follow, but right now, we'd like to get more (positive) attention.

- Nathan

p.s. I've considered something like Patreon as a source of funds for advertising, publishing costs, travel costs to attend Cons, etc., but so far, I've been kept too busy to guarantee regular output.  Besides Empyrean Dreams, I ghost-write for a client and create and publish card games... and those are just the paying projects.  If one of those jobs picks up, great, and I'll let you know if Empyrean has to pause.  If not, though, I certainly have enough ideas for this setting to give it more frequent attention, and maybe set up a channel with regular updates.  For one thought, I keep wanting to write a series of short stories about the history of the Scape Grace, those ten years that passed between Escape from Grace and The Wreck of the Untranslatable... a lot of interesting things can happen in ten years.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Update - Erie ComiCon 2022 and writing progress (or lack thereof)

 Hello again, readers!

I'd almost forgotten to mention, in the flurry of preparations, that Empyrean Dreams will again be attending Erie, PA's ComiCon, on Friday, September 16th through Sunday, September 18th, of this year.  I'll have copies of all five currently published books available, PLUS the first copies of Guardian Fighters Era: The New Disciples, a fantasy martial arts light novel I assisted in writing.  

Sadly, the next Scape Grace book and the next Stchvk Casefiles will not be ready to print this year.  Between Guardian Fighters Era and my other business projects, other writing had to slow down.  Still, the outlines and early chapters are there, and I know exactly where each story is going.  Sooner or later, there will be more Empyrean Dreams.


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Update: Local sales available in Erie, PA

For those local to the area of Erie, Pennsylvania, Empyrean Dreams books are back on the shelves at Books Galore (5546 Peach St) and Werner Books (3514 Liberty St). Stop by to take a look and to get our books without the cost and wait of shipping!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Announcement: Empyrean Dreams at Erie ComiCon!

 And now, for the official announcement: 

Empyrean Dreams will be featured in the @ComiCon Erie Artist Alley next weekend, September 10-12 at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA. If you're in the area, please come by and support us and the other talented artists featured there!

Presale tickets are available at ComiConErie.com. along with previews of all the other artists, presenters, and activities featured this year.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Update: eBooks added and updated

 Hello readers,

  In the flurry of activity before this weekend's Erie ComiCon, I included one additional task: creating the ebook versions of the three most recent Empyrean Dreams novels.  At least, the Kindle ebooks are complete, as they're quick to convert and publish.  In a day or two, you can get ebooks of Stchvk Casefiles #1, Escape from Grace, and A Change in Plans through the Kindle store on Amazon.com.  

  Unfortunately, due to a technical bar, the previous ebook versions of The Wreck of the Untranslatable and Empyrean Dreams cannot be revised from their previous reflowable .epub format to the newer Kindle format.  While viewable on more devices, the old format isn't as attractive, didn't support the table of contents correctly, and created errors for some viewers.  I apologize if you encountered any of these issues.  Going forward, I will make sure the ebooks for Empyrean Dreams are better than these two.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Update: The Tales of the Scape Grace continue!

 Hello readers,

With the impetus of Erie ComiCon driving me, the paperback versions of two new Empyrean Dreams books are ready for purchase!  

Escape from Grace is the prequel to The Wreck of the Untranslatable and the true first Tale of the Scape Grace, the story of Evgeny Lerner's fall (or rise) to become a pirate captain. 

Buy it here on Amazon.com!

A Change in Plans is the sequel to Wreck, the next story in the Scape Grace's continuing exploits: after its tangle with a truly alien starship and its Ningyo allies, the Scape Grace is in poor shape, with barely enough funds to cover its repairs.  

Buy it here on Amazon.com

In time, I'll get the ebook versions assembled and ready for sale, not to mention the ebook of Stchvk Casefiles #1, but this work will have to wait until at least after the 'Con, in September.

Thank you for checking in... and I'll do my best to make sure there isn't such a long wait for the next book!


Monday, July 12, 2021

Update: Better Update than Never!

It's certainly been a year, hasn't it?

The authors of Empyrean Dreams have struggled and survived through these interesting times and seem to be back on track.  The Tales of the Scape Grace prequel, "Escape from Grace" and sequel, "A Change in Plans" are nearly ready to print.  

We'll be attending Erie ComiCon, at the Bayfront Convention Center, on September 10, 11, and 12 of this year, with books in hand.  If all goes exceptionally well,  I may also be able to share the non-Empyrean project that has occupied much of my writing time for the past 2-3 years.  

In the process of preparation, we discovered that several of our books had been suspended due to changes in our publishers' operations and user agreements.  These issues have now been resolved, and you should again be able to purchase through Amazon.com or by ordering through a bookseller.  Our apologies for this oversight, especially if you tried to buy and were denied!