Sunday, August 23, 2020

Author reading of A Change in Plans, Chapter 1

Greetings to any new visitors, and welcome back to any past readers!

The time has nearly come to offer the Tales of the Scape Grace prequel and sequel, Escape from Grace and A Change in Plans, respectively.  I'm finishing up the print drafts now.  Since I've been posting other samples on YouTube - poetry, songs, and short stories - I thought of reading a few chapters from Empyrean Dreams books, as well.  

Here's the first attempt, Chapter One of A Change in Plans:

I hope my voice adds something to the writing...


Saturday, April 25, 2020

As the Plague Turns...

We Aten't Dead.

Neither Empyrean Dreams nor its authors are deceased, though many circumstances have slowed us to an undead-like crawl.  Both L.L. herself and Nathan's wife are in the thick of it, in health care professions.  Nathan is working from home, which sounds great for a writer, but doesn't help to separate Work-work from Personal-work.  Work-work includes the ongoing ghostwriting contract - the target publication date was May, but May has been delayed until the Summer - and some freelance editing, in addition to the full-time day job... editing.  Full confession, also, he's been seen dallying with game design, including an appropriately futuristic-looking card game called HEXMAP that's about to be prototyped and offered to publishers.  There may be some cross-promotion between these projects, with links to appear here on the site.

STILL!  There are at least two and possibly three Empyrean Dreams novels edited, laid out, and ready to go to the printer.  Once the stimulus checks arrive (if they arrive) or other income returns, we'll have those ready to offer for sale.  To avoid confusion, we decided to split Tales of the Scape Grace #0 and #2 into two separate novellas, the Prequel, Escape from Grace, and the Sequel, A Change of Plans.  That way, you can read them in order, and new readers don't buy them together and wonder what happened in-between.  Also in drafts are a fourth Scape Grace story, Third Time's a Curse, and a second Stchvk Casefile, with two stories, Binding Threads and Biological Clock.  That's not counting ideas for all-new series and more short stories.

So you see, we're far from dead.  We're too overworked and tired to be dead.  

That's assuming that Death is any escape from Work.  If anything, maybe the afterlife has better employment figures right now.


p.s. we still miss you, pTerry.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Update: Stchvk Casefiles #1 available now!


(Not that Empyrean Dreams ever went away, but we went quiet for much, much too long.)

Stchvk Casefiles #1 is complete and available for purchase!

Circumstances finally showed some kindness and we were able to get this first pair of stories ready for print.  Two tales of Saurian Noir, space-opera sci-fi mysteries, featuring Stchvk, P.I., the detective so hard-boiled, he hatched from an egg.  

Find it here on, or ask at your local bookstore, printable on demand from IngramSpark or Amazon CreateSpace.  Also available as an ebook here.

Getting to the next publication will be another challenge.  We have another book ready to go, the next two Tales of the Scape Grace, but won't have the same discounts as before.  Odds are good we'll try a different crowd-funding platform to request help.  

And that's not all.  One-and-a-half more Stchvk stories are complete, plus half a Scape Grace story, and a pile of ideas for new short stories.  We plan to keep writing and publishing, so keep the page bookmarked!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Update: Not Kickstarted but not down

Hello Empyrean readers;

  If you haven't seen on Kickstarter or our Facebook page, the crowdfunding attempt for the next two Empyrean Dreams books didn't meet its goal.  That's all right; we didn't manage enough promotion to reach enough folks with money to spare.  Still, the campaign managed almost a third of its goal, and we're grateful to everyone who pledged.  So grateful, that they'll still get a mention of thanks in the next book published.

  Oh yes, we're not entirely stopped.  Slowed, perhaps.  But with the help of a couple of promotional discounts and a bit of extra labor, the next Empyrean book should still be forthcoming soon.  Stchvk Casefiles #1, as I've mentioned, is written, edited, formatted, and awaits only final layout and art.  And for a nice change, we have custom art, including a piece by friend and illustrator Z Mann Zilla. 

  Another book is also ready.  If sales pick up and we can gather the funds, the next Scape Grace book will follow in short order.  To assist there, we're going to try sending out a few copies of the first two books to reviewers (suggestions for good reviewers/publications are welcome). 

  So, a step back and then two forward.  Thank you again to everyone supporting our Dreams.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Empyrean Dreams is GO on Kickstarter

Here We Go!

We're pleased to finally be delivering on a promise...

The authors of Empyrean Dreams have launched our Kickstarter, with the goal of publishing two more novels: Stchvk Casefiles #1 (containing Bad Egg and Broken Record) and More Tales of the Scape Grace (containing Escape from Grace and new story A Change of Plans). Please visit the site below and pledge! Backers of $15 or more will receive one or more of our books, plus acknowledgement in both new books. Plus, you'll be helping promote Empyrean Dreams and ensure that we keep writing more fantastic fiction.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Update: Another Update?

Hello, readers!

The pace has slowed slightly here at Empyrean Dreams, but hardly stopped.  In fact, Nathan can't help preparing new books and new stories, despite life's other demands.  

First, our thanks to Books Galore in Erie, PA, the second independent bookstore to carry our first two printed books.  Whenever the Empyrean Dreams RPG setting is finally realized, they'll be on the list to carry the first copies.

Next, our third book... two candidates are in the final run-off for that honor: the next Scape Grace novel (a double volume containing both the prequel and sequel to Wreck of the Untranslatable), versus the first Stchvk Casefiles, featuring our favorite saurian detective in his first two stories, Bad Egg and Broken Record.  

Outlines are also ready for fourth stories in both of those series: Third Time's a Curse and Biological Clock, respectively.  In the latter case, a second story would be enough to finish Stchvk Casefiles #2.  

All that's needed to produce these future volumes is time (to write) and money (for expenses).  You can help with the latter: buy more Empyrean Dreams books!  If you like what we do, help us make more!

We'll still make more, even if you don't like it... just more slowly.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Update: Buy Our Shorts!

Once again, we're doing our part to support the logging, paper-making, and printing industries... and to beat back the relentless assault of the arboreal masses.  

In other words, Empyrean Dreams has released a second book.

Empyrean Shorts contains the compiled short stories of Empyrean Dreams.  All five completed, stand-alone stories from this site - Royce's Dilemma, A.I.I.A., A.I. Codger, Darkness My Friend, and The Swarm - are included, along with two new, previously unpublished tales: Labyrinthine and An Apostate's Path.  This lineup means that both Laine and I are listed as full co-authors.  

It's available first through CreateSpace and on  Introductory joke aside, we're preparing an ebook version, as well.  If you'd like to look at a print copy locally... ask at your local bookseller.  Seriously.  Encourage them to stock Empyrean Dreams books.  

On that note, The Wreck of the Untranslatable went on the shelves at its first bookstore, Werner Books in Erie, PA.  That's Nathan handing them copies for consignment sale.  We'll be working on encouraging wider distribution, but first we need to show success on a small scale.

Thank you to anyone reading this, for checking out our site.  We'll have more updates either as these books expand or when we get the next book (further Tales of the Scape Grace) ready for market.


[Updated 3/20 to add the Amazon link. -NL]