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We're hard at work turning the rough stories you see on this site into polished fiction, suitable for publication.  And then, we're publishing it.  As each book is finished and offered for sale, we'll add links here that you can click, Give Us Money, and receive a physical or digital incarnation of the latest Empyrean Dreams creation. 

You already know they're good stories, if you're here.  Plus, future books will start to include stories never before posted on this site.  Need more incentives?  Your purchase will be an incentive for us to create more stories, plus you'll gain the blessings of Kurrelik, the Merchant Prince of Righteous Deals.  See?  We don't need much to keep creating.

The Wreck of the Untranslatable

The First Tale of the Scape Grace

(The first Empyrean Dreams novel!)

Buy it on Amazon!  (Paperback and ebook)

Empyrean Stories

Short Tales of Empyrean Dreams

(All our short stories... plus two new ones!)

Buy it on Amazon!  (Paperback and ebook)

Stchvk Casefiles #1:

Bad Egg & Broken Record

Buy it on Amazon! (Paperback)
Buy it on Amazon! (Ebook)

Escape from Grace

The Original Tale of the Scape Grace

Buy it on Amazon! (Paperback)

A Change in Plans

The Second Tale of the Scape Grace

Buy it on Amazon! (Paperback)

Stchvk Casefiles #2:

Binding Threads & Biological Clock

(Writing in progress!)

Third Time's the Curse:

The Third Tale of the Scape Grace

(Writing in progress!)

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