Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 10

(work site)

                You have been cited for dereliction of duty, a negative mark on your permanent work record.  Your laxity has not only harmed your own career, it has adversely affected citizens all across this region.  Continued delays will result in further citation and the dispatch of a different maglev worker to handle this repair.  If that is required, you will be terminated from employment with no further discussion.  Is that understood, worker Cho…


                Positioning data shows a single-car train on track Y-64, incoming from GeVinVas.  Fourth switch interdiction has been overridden.  At current velocity, this train will reach your position in 1 duodecad.  Based on previous analysis, completing repairs in time to prevent derailment at the damaged switch is impossible.  Recommend moving to a safe distance away from the switch site.  Congratulations, your idleness will result in considerable destruction of property and possible loss of life.

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