Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 58

(further forest)

                While technically in compliance with previous instructions, your current heading takes you further into uncontrolled wilderness.  Most transport methods will not be able to reach you easily, as there are no established roads in that region.  The earliest transport we were able to divert was from GeVinVas and will require 10 duodecads to arrive.  Based on your earlier reports, you should avoid the area around switch 3 entirely.  We recommend meeting the transport around the tracks toward GeVinVas.  Can you navigate safely…


We are showing a high heat signature and smoke originating from the wreckage site of train Y-64-Vi.  Fissionable fuels storage may be compromised.  Law enforcement personnel are vacating the site immediately.  Cause of ignition unknown; further sabotage suspected.  Please move away from the region, following the tracks toward GeVinVas.  A transport will be rerouted immediately to evacuate you.

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