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AIIA stands for "Artificial Intelligence Internal Affairs"... which refers to the inner workings of one particular Terran AI, the research assistant Pangur Ban; and the network security of the Terran cultural sphere that keeps such AIs in line.  After all, given the dislike of most Collective cultures for artificial intelligence, the Human-AI relationship is only tolerated under the most cautious restrictions.  This distrust might be justified, given the past history of AI use among most sapients' cultures.  Pangur Ban doesn't think so.  In fact, it believes that the Collective is being held back by the restrictions placed on AIs.  If only there was some way to prove its convictions.

Chapter 1 - REFERENCE: Pangur Ban

Chapter 2 - REFERENCE: Schemes

Chapter 3 - REFERENCE: Risk and Gain

Chapter 4 - REFERENCE: Internal Affairs

Chapter 5 - REFERENCE: Declaration

Chapter 6 - REFERENCE: Revelation

Author: Nathan Large

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