Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 60

(tracks to GeVinVas)

                Excellent news.  We are relieved to hear that you met with the emergency transport out of GeVinVas.  Try to relax and compose yourself on the ride back.

Your eyewitness reports will help resolve a current crisis of information within EssTinTal.  Train Y-64-Vi was thoroughly incinerated at its crash site.  Given your reports, we have reason to believe it was destroyed in order to hide evidence of infiltration by Awakeners or some other, similar organism.  Warnings about this threat have met with resistance and skepticism.  It is uncertain to what extent this infiltration has compromised the planetary government. 

Report immediately to TeKenVas Medical Center for evaluation.  This facility is best equipped to immediately detect foreign life forms, as well as to evaluate your mental health status.  Both functions will help validate your statements.

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