Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 12

(deep forest)

                Please report on your current location.  Global positioning shows you more than half a kilometer from the work site.  Assuming this is not a malfunction, you have traveled far from your designated location and are in significant danger from local wildlife.  If this is accurate, you will be cited for dereliction of duty.  Return immediately to the work site and begin repairs…


Positioning data shows a single-car train on track Y-64, incoming from GeVinVas.  Fourth switch interdiction has been overridden.  At current velocity, this train will reach third switch in 1 duodecad.  Based on previous analysis, completing repairs in time to prevent derailment at the damaged switch is impossible.  Return to the region adjacent to maglev track Y-64 for maximum safety precaution. 

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