Featured Species

          A xenological reference listing for the major species and cultures of the Collective.  For more information, select the hyperlink for species name.

Artificial Intelligence (Terran)
      Disembodied sentiences created by Human technology.  Exist only as logical structures within computing hardware; e.g. software programs. 

       Sentient fungal colonies achieving sapience through symbiosis with other organisms, most frequently a species of genetically engineered bipedal sub-sentients.  Nearly universally powerful psychics.

Hrotata (Great Family)
       Mammalian, semi-bipedal, furred sapients.  Both physically and socially flexible, recognized as social engineers of their culture and the Collective.

Humans (Terran)
       Mammalian, bipedal, simian, semi-furred sapients.  Indiscriminate in diet, environment, association, and assimilation of culture and technology.  Created only known stable Artificial Intelligence technology.

Mauraug (Mauraug Dominion)
       Mammalian, bipedal simian, furred sapients.  Aggressive but also highly artistic and religious.  Often malformed due to persistent genetic damage but have mastered cybernetic prosthesis.

       Unique amorphous sapients originating from the surface of a brown dwarf.  Normally encountered within robotic exosuits duplicating the extreme gravity and pressure of their world.  Developed spatial deformation technology due to particular perceptive abilities plus intolerance for hyperspace travel.

Taratumm(Great Family)
      Reptilian, bipedal sapients; herbivorous herd grazers with strong family bonding instincts.  Powerful, playful, and creative but prone to violent frenzy reactions when provoked.

      Individualistic, unclassifiable sapients with origins lost to time and dispersal.  Each member is genetically unique due to perpetual self-experimentation.  Qualifies more as a culture with common origins than a single species.

Vislin (Great Family)
       Reptilian, bipedal sapients; omnivorous pack hunters with strong family bonding instincts.  Developed advanced energy technologies early due to hibernation tendencies in dark, cold environments. 

       Bipedal sapients of an unclassifiable species type, originating in a world rich in heavy metals.     Significant social and genetic engineering has resulted in a multi-morphic species caste structure.  Abundance of raw elements resulted in advanced materials technology, including atomic transmutation.