Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 71


                I have to say, I’m amazed you made it back alive.  Between your injuries and the hazards of travel in that area, crossing the kilometers between the third and second switching stations was no mean feat.  You will be spending a few days – paid vacation, of course – at TeKenVas Medical, recovering from your efforts.  This stay will also give an opportunity to evaluate your mental status and screen visitors for parasitic infestation. 

Your eyewitness reports will help resolve a current crisis of information within EssTinTal.  Train Y-64-Vi was thoroughly incinerated at its crash site.  Given your reports, we have reason to believe it was destroyed in order to hide evidence of infiltration by Awakeners or some other, similar organism.  Warnings about this threat have met with resistance and skepticism.  It is uncertain to what extent this infiltration has compromised the planetary government. 

                Therefore, be cautious about whom you admit to your presence and whom you speak with, until further notice.  That said, try to get some rest.


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