Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 62

(forest near work site)

                Your report makes no sense.  Law enforcement should be interrogating the captive attackers and holding them for collection.  Your claim that the prisoners are being taken to the tracks or executed if they refuse is… bizarre, at least.  What possible reason could the officers have for such dereliction of duty, not to mention murder?  We have been open-minded regarding your previous claims but this…


We are showing a high heat signature and smoke originating from the wreckage site of train Y-64-Vi.  Fissionable fuels storage may be compromised.  Law enforcement personnel are vacating the site immediately.  Cause of ignition unknown; further sabotage suspected.  While your bizarre statements are vindicated, there will be some questions to answer when you return.  Please move away from the region, following the tracks toward GeVinVas.  A transport will be rerouted immediately to evacuate you.

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