Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 21

(work site)

                Citizen ChoTen, thank you for your assistance with the investigation of this crime.  Given your injuries, you will be transported back to TeKenVas for immediate medical attention.  Law enforcement officers will escort you off-site immediately.

… ... ...

                Good morning, citizen!  We trust your stay at TeKenVas Medical has been pleasant thus far.  Per your search request, here are the relevant news reports: Law enforcement exchanged fire with unknown assailants in the countryside near GeVinVas.  The attackers were armed heavily, with weapons including plasma throwers.  Significant casualties were incurred on both sides.  Also lost were the three passengers of train Y-64-Vi, which derailed due to sabotage on the maglev line leading to TeKenVas.  Among these passengers was the Revered HaKiRozTuVa.  Early reports suggest that the Revered One was forced aboard the unauthorized train due to an assassination attempt in GeVinVas.  It is not yet known if that attack, the train sabotage, and the subsequent attack on law enforcement are related, but this seems the most reasonable explanation.

                Apologies for such unpleasant news.  Try not to allow it to trouble your rest and recovery.


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