Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 47

(deepest forest)

                Worker ChoTen, please report.  Your global positioning data is uncertain.  Last reading indicated a location two kilometers from your designated work site.  Law enforcement officers report no sign of your presence.  Please report immediately or return to the work site if unable to respond.  Repeat…
… ... ...
                You won’t be needing that comm unit again today, ‘ChoTen’.  Keep your hands visible and don’t make any sudden movements.  We’re leaving this area and you will be joining us.  We’d like to hear your impressions of our work on the maglev line; a confederate with your expertise would be welcome.  We’re pleased you weren’t injured.  Harm to innocent bystanders was never our intent.

                The three persons killed aboard that train were not Zig… or rather, were no longer Zig.  The Revered HaKiRozTuVa and his advisors were bonded to Awakeners, parasitic sapient fungal colonies which inhabit the bodies of their victims and control their actions.  Normally, Awakeners can’t bond with Zig.  Our biochemistry is toxic to theirs.  Somehow, these Awakeners have overcome that limitation.  We need to know how. 

We couldn’t move against them directly.  Unfortunately, Awakeners are psychically active, making it difficult for our agents to get close enough to capture or kill their hosts.  We’re also not yet sure how deep the infiltration of planetary government has gone.  Honestly, we were hoping to capture one or more of the passengers for interrogation.

                Your actions led to the arrival of law enforcement officers and made recovery impossible.  We don’t hold you responsible, per se, but we also cannot let you go home.  Until the Awakener problem is resolved and our agents are exonerated, you cannot be allowed to leave.  It is your decision whether to assist in our operations or simply wait out the interim as a prisoner.  Either way, do not attempt to flee.  You are outnumbered and outarmed.


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