Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 65

(location unknown)

                Worker ChoTen, please report.  Last positioning data showed you in the vicinity of derailed Train Y-64-Vi.  Satellite imaging shows a blast crater and incendiary effects consistent with main battery breach.  The entire region around switch 3 is gone.  Please report to indicate your status. 

[Law enforcement reports worker ChoTen deceased, pending genetic analysis of accident site debris.  The last sighting places ChoTen within the radius of explosion around track Y-64, switch 3, following the derailment of Train Y-64-Vi.  The worker was seen moving toward the switch site for unknown reasons.  Investigation is ongoing, but prior evidence of erratic behavior – unsupported and unlikely reports, dereliction of duty, and disobedience toward superiors – suggests possible mental disorder.  Recommended that official documentation remain charitable toward the deceased; disordered acts could be attributed to a head injury sustained during the original derailment accident.  No evidence links worker ChoTen to the conspirators responsible for initial or subsequent sabotage… not that any evidence remains at the accident site.]

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