Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 61

(wreckage site)

                Your report makes no sense.  Our maglev trains are carefully engineered with shielding on all power systems.  Even a derailment such as described should not bring any combustible surfaces into contact.  It would require an outside ignition source to even start a fire, and the only active agents in the area are yourself and law enforcement…


We are showing a high heat signature and smoke originating from the wreckage site of train Y-64-Vi.  Fissionable fuels storage may be compromised.  Law enforcement personnel are vacating the site immediately.  Cause of ignition unknown; further sabotage suspected.  While your bizarre statements are vindicated, there will be some questions to answer when you return.  Please move away from the region, following the tracks toward GeVinVas.  A transport will be rerouted immediately to evacuate you.

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