Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Update: Stchvk Casefiles #1 available now!


(Not that Empyrean Dreams ever went away, but we went quiet for much, much too long.)

Stchvk Casefiles #1 is complete and available for purchase!

Circumstances finally showed some kindness and we were able to get this first pair of stories ready for print.  Two tales of Saurian Noir, space-opera sci-fi mysteries, featuring Stchvk, P.I., the detective so hard-boiled, he hatched from an egg.  

Find it here on Amazon.com, or ask at your local bookstore, printable on demand from IngramSpark or Amazon CreateSpace.  Also available as an ebook here.

Getting to the next publication will be another challenge.  We have another book ready to go, the next two Tales of the Scape Grace, but won't have the same discounts as before.  Odds are good we'll try a different crowd-funding platform to request help.  

And that's not all.  One-and-a-half more Stchvk stories are complete, plus half a Scape Grace story, and a pile of ideas for new short stories.  We plan to keep writing and publishing, so keep the page bookmarked!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Update: Not Kickstarted but not down

Hello Empyrean readers;

  If you haven't seen on Kickstarter or our Facebook page, the crowdfunding attempt for the next two Empyrean Dreams books didn't meet its goal.  That's all right; we didn't manage enough promotion to reach enough folks with money to spare.  Still, the campaign managed almost a third of its goal, and we're grateful to everyone who pledged.  So grateful, that they'll still get a mention of thanks in the next book published.

  Oh yes, we're not entirely stopped.  Slowed, perhaps.  But with the help of a couple of promotional discounts and a bit of extra labor, the next Empyrean book should still be forthcoming soon.  Stchvk Casefiles #1, as I've mentioned, is written, edited, formatted, and awaits only final layout and art.  And for a nice change, we have custom art, including a piece by friend and illustrator Z Mann Zilla. 

  Another book is also ready.  If sales pick up and we can gather the funds, the next Scape Grace book will follow in short order.  To assist there, we're going to try sending out a few copies of the first two books to reviewers (suggestions for good reviewers/publications are welcome). 

  So, a step back and then two forward.  Thank you again to everyone supporting our Dreams.