Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 72


I have to say, I’m amazed you made it back alive.  Given the hazards of travel in that area, crossing the kilometers between the third and second switching stations was no mean feat.  You will be spending a few days – paid vacation, pending a thorough investigation – at TeKenVas Medical, recovering from your efforts.  This stay will also give our auditors an opportunity to evaluate your mental condition.

There will be some difficult questions to answer regarding both the sabotage you observed and the subsequent attack on and destruction of Train Y-64-Vi.  There have also been reports of an attempt on the life of a Revered One in GeVinVas.  To be honest, you will be investigated to make certain you are not involved with the criminal conspirators responsible for these acts.  If you have no connection to these persons, you have no reason for concern.

                That said, try to get some rest.  You’ll be staying put until this matter is resolved.


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