Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 70

(tracks to TeKenVas)

                Worker ChoTen, please report.  Your position has not changed in the last five duodecads.  Are you waiting for transport?  An emergency diversion can be managed from TeKenVas if necessary, but we need your position.  Repeat, please report…

[Law enforcement reports worker ChoTen deceased.  The citizen was killed by officers while attempting to flee the site of a crime.  Specifically, the worker was suspected of aiding in the sabotage of Train Y-64-Vi by destroying evidence at the site.  Officers observed the worker igniting flammable materials within the wreckage of the derailed train, which caused subsequent combustion and eventually, detonation of the vehicle’s fuel cells.  When asked to stop for questioning, citizen ChoTen fled along the tracks toward TeKenVas.  It is unknown if the citizen hoped to meet up with co-conspirators in the area.  Other suspects apprehended in the area attempted to escape at the same time, while officers were diverted.  All suspects died in the explosion or from weapons fire.  Please retain all communication records from worker ChoTen for law enforcement examination.  Release of said records to any other party will constitute interference with an ongoing investigation.]


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