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         Corporal Royce Dea has a problem.  Actually, she has several problems, but one in particular sits close to her heart.  Close to a major artery, in fact.  It's difficult to keep a secret in the close quarters of a major Collective orbital station.  You have to keep anything private close to your skin; under it, even.  When the representatives of multiple sapient cultures are put into near proximity, you can't help but make enemies.  The only way to get anything done - hide a secret, solve a problem, or just do your job - is to find allies.  Whether Royce's 'friends' are equal to her problems... well, that's the story.  -N. L.

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Author: Ariana Serpentine

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  1. The first full 'vignette' written within the Empyrean universe, Royce's Dilemma introduces the major sapient species of the Collective in the archetypal environment of our setting: the Space Station! It was - and is - a great place to start.