Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update: Do You Wanna Buy a Novel?

Hello again! 

It hasn't been very long, has it?

Call that a credit to Amazon CreateSpace, which handled the setup and proofing of our novel with excellent speed.  It probably didn't hurt that everything was prepped and formatted from the first printer/distributor.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still hoping it was worth all that effort, in the long run.

In the short term, you can buy a copy of The Wreck of the Untranslatable right now, if you want to.

Seriously: Buy Now!

The link goes to a small CreateSpace page.  Soon, we'll be able to sell via, if you'd prefer that.  It's just limited, direct distribution, but if we can make a good start, wider distribution becomes a greater possibility.

And if space pirates aren't your thing, you're in luck.  I'm formatting the short story book, Empyrean Stories, right after this post.  If all goes as well or better than the first attempt, we should be able to offer that one in short order.

Thanks for reading this, thanks for reading Empyrean Dreams, and thanks in advance for any purchases.  If you really want to warm our hearts, share copies with anyone you know who might enjoy, as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Update: Moving Paper from Wallet to Printer

Hello, readers!

We're hoping to welcome many more readers not only to this site but the Empyrean Dreams universe.  A print version of our first novel-for-sale, The Wreck of the Untranslatable, is in process with two different Print-on-Demand distributors.  The one that you'll likely see first is CreateSpace through Amazon; we'll post a link here when the sale page goes live.  The other is via IngramSpark, for eventual retail distribution (possibly including an ebook format, though that's on hold due to technical mishaps).

What's next?  The second Empyrean Dreams book, Empyrean Stories, a collection of our various short stories, should be ready soon.  Note that this book will include a few new stories never before published, on this site or elsewhere. 

Now that I've got the formatting steps worked out, we should be able to turn out additional books even faster.  There's enough material, between the site and unpublished work, for at least two more books: another Tales of the Scape Grace, and a compilation of Stchvk detective stories (my "dino-noir").  

Beyond that?  I just started another Scape Grace story.  I might write a fourth Stchvk story and split that series into two books of two stories each.  And who knows, Laine and I might get busy with another round of short stories... or finally put together the Role-Playing setting like we originally intended.

Note that we're only self-publishing because commercial publishers don't like content previously posted online.  If these books get popular enough - if we sell enough copies - someone might overlook that prejudice and bring Empyrean Dreams into mainstream publication... not only for the reprints, but for new content.

We're debating whether to pull down the stories we publish, in whole or in part, to create more incentive for sales.  That's only partly to make Laine and I money; some retailers might not want to stock a book readers could get elsewhere for free.  We'll update once a decision has been made.  Particularly note, though, that the printed versions - even for stories we've posted here - are better edited, trimmed and sharpened, and updated for consistency with the rest of the Empyrean Dreams setting.  So even if we leave content here, the books are still better! 

Buy them!  Buy them all!  Please?