Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 50

(wreckage site)

Your inspection has revealed an unexpected clue on the body of one of the two assistants of the Revered HaKiRozTuVa.  Close investigation shows the presence of thin whitish threads extending from the throat and nostrils of that Zig.  In another species, these rhizomes would be signs of Awakener bonding.  Awakeners are symbiotic, sentient, psychic fungal organisms.  However, all data on them indicates that Zig physiology is toxic to Awakeners.  Either that species has overcome its intolerance for our biochemistry – possibly through genetic manipulation – or else this Zig is infested by some other type of organism with similar markers.  In either case, this discovery is cause for significant concern.
                Why would an Awakener be present on EssTinTal?  In particular, why would it be present, unannounced, in the retinue of a Revered leader?  This oddity raises deeper questions, particularly in the context of an assassination.  Per the officers on site, the Revered One was threatened by armed conspirators in GeVinVas and forced aboard this train.  The sabotage you uncovered was likely a backup measure to ensure he did not escape. 
                Please continue to assist and observe the officers on site with their investigations.

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