Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 66

(tracks to GeVinVas)

                We are relieved to hear that you met with the emergency transport out of GeVinVas.  We saw the detonation of Train Y-64-Vi even from here.  It must have been deafening from your position.  Please try to relax and compose yourself before your scheduled arrival in TeKenVas.  The transport is taking a wider route to avoid the destroyed region.

Report immediately to TeKenVas Medical for evaluation.  We will need a report on both your physical injuries and mental health status.  There will be some difficult questions to answer regarding both the sabotage you observed and the subsequent attack on and destruction of Train Y-64-Vi.  There have also been reports of an attempt on the life of a Revered One in GeVinVas.  To be honest, you will be investigated to make certain you are not involved with the criminal conspirators responsible for these acts.  If you have no connection to these persons, you have no reason for concern.

Otherwise, expect to have a few paid ‘vacation days’ coming up, although you won’t be travelling far until this matter is resolved.


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