Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 8

(work site)

                Your zeal in completing repairs would be admirable, if it were not directly in opposition to previous instructions.  You have now contaminated an active crime scene, which may interfere with investigations, possibly allowing the saboteurs to avoid detection.  In addition to a citation for disobedience, you will likely be subject to legal prosecution.  Please wait for the arrival of law enforcement…

                Positioning data shows a single-car train on track Y-64, incoming from GeVinVas.  Fourth switch interdiction has been overridden.  At current velocity, this train will reach your position in 1 duodecad.  Based on previous analysis, completing repairs in time to prevent derailment at the damaged switch has equal probabilities of success or failure.  Recommend moving to a safe distance away from the switch site.

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