Escape from Grace - Chapter Links

Before he was a pirate captain, Evgeny Lerner was a young colonist exploring Locust IV, a border world between the Terran and Mauraug spheres of influence.  This prequel explains the origins of the Scape Grace, its captain, and its first crew.  How does a promising Collective citizen become one of its worst criminal scourges?  Read and find out!

Chapter 1 - Evgeny Lerner and Matilda

Chapter 2 - Mikala Turell

Chapter 3 - Soloth bash'Soloth

Chapter 4 - Luuboh bash'Gaulig

Chapter 5 - Suufit, Gaalet, Voshtig and Karech

Chapter 6 - Wallace Harmon

Chapter 7 - Sha'Nuuayn

Chapter 8 - Saving Grace

Chapter 9 - KoShunTi and Mitchell Preston

Chapter 10 - Carlos Mendoza

Chapter 11 - Scape Grace

Author: Nathan Large

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  1. As a note for earlier readers, I updated Chapter 1 today. I added an additional paragraph better explaining the nature of the Mauraug Apostasy, for readers who aren't familiar with the background history.