Thursday, October 26, 2023

Update: Third Time's the Curse is published!


  Third Time's the Curse, the second sequel in the Tales of the Scape Grace (or fourth book, if you count the prequel) is published and available!  The paperback and Kindle eBook editions are now available online here.  Print copies will be added locally in Erie, at Werner Books and Books Galore, as soon as available.  

The story begins with the bane of all pirate captains: mutiny!  Captain Lerner of Scape Grace discovers that he has been marooned while at port on a space station deep in the Mauraug Dominion.  Who could have stolen 'Grace... and how?  Where have they gone?  How can her captain win his ship back?  And most importantly... does he even want to?

  There's another manuscript to finish, first, before I start Biological Clock, the second novella in Stchvk Casefiles #2, so that book will likely be published around late spring or summer of 2024.  

  After that...?  I'm definitely planning at least one more sequel in the Tales of the Scape Grace, to wrap up her storyline, but I'm also considering a series of short stories filling in the "missing" ten years between Escape From Grace (her origin story) and The Wreck of the Untranslatable.  These stories may appear first as exclusives on my Patreon (now under construction), then would be published later as a single compiled volume.

   The timeline depends on my availability.  I may be called back to duty once Guardian Fighters Era is ready to go again.  Book 1, The New Disciples is available here, Book 2 has been written but is waiting on artwork, and Book 3 already has its outline.  It's a martial arts light novel, wholly different from Empyrean Dreams, but still my writing and (I think) a good read.  

  Finally, if you've read this far: all Empyrean Dreams eBooks have been reduced in price, to $2.99 each!  I should have done this earlier, but I was prompted recently by the increase in print costs for paperbacks, some of which had to increase in price.  I know this won't help every reader, but hopefully, a few will be more able to access the books in electronic format.

  As always, thanks for reading!