Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 59

(tracks to TeKenVas)

                Well done in clearing the threat area.  We saw the detonation of Train Y-64-Vi even from here.  It must have been deafening from your position.  No doubt the afflicted law enforcement officers were directed to remove evidence by destroying the train and the victims aboard. 

                The problem now is that the only transport we could divert will be coming from GeVinVas, the opposite direction from your current travel path.  With the track and surrounding region destroyed at switch three, plus the possibility of hostile forces in the outlying wilderness, we cannot have that transport come directly to you. 

                Your remaining options are to attempt to cross the threat area and meet up with the arriving transport, hold your current position until we can divert another transport from TeKenVas, or walk further toward this city.  I’m sorry we cannot advise more specifically at this time.

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