Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 38

(deeper forest)

Worker ChoTen, please report.  Law enforcement reports all attackers dead, pacified, or in retreat.  It should be safe for you to speak again.  Repeat, please report…

[Law enforcement reports worker ChoTen deceased, per positive identification of remains.  Cause and time of death are uncertain.  Remains have been extensively damaged by scavenger insects native to the region.  In addition, the victim shows signs of tissue damage consistent with plant toxins from area species.  It is not known if worker ChoTen died of asphyxiation due to toxic reaction or was merely paralyzed long enough to be killed by insect bites.  Officers on site were unable to render aid due to firefight with armed attackers.  Identity of assailants is unknown pending further investigation, but evidence connects these attackers with an assassination attempt in GeVinVas and the sabotage of the Y-64 maglev line.  Deceased worker ChoTen was likely an innocent bystander fleeing from danger.]


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