Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Emergency - Page 48

(wreckage site)

                Thank you for reporting your observations.  We confirm that insufficient safety precautions were observed during the official investigation of this accident.  Based on your reports, it is likely that one or more law enforcement officers were exposed to the infested victims.  Moreover, the aggressive behavior of the organisms within these bodies further suggests that they are not, in fact, Awakeners.  Awakeners do not leap forward and make physical contact with organisms, nor do they attempt to attach themselves to said targets.  What you are describing sounds more like cilia or pseudopodia. 

                Regardless of the nature of these organisms, we suggest you avoid contact with the victims, the potentially compromised officers, and the entire wreck site.  If possible, leave the work site and seek a safer location for pickup.  We will attempt to reroute a transport to your area. 

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