Friday, April 7, 2017

Update: Another Update?

Hello, readers!

The pace has slowed slightly here at Empyrean Dreams, but hardly stopped.  In fact, Nathan can't help preparing new books and new stories, despite life's other demands.  

First, our thanks to Books Galore in Erie, PA, the second independent bookstore to carry our first two printed books.  Whenever the Empyrean Dreams RPG setting is finally realized, they'll be on the list to carry the first copies.

Next, our third book... two candidates are in the final run-off for that honor: the next Scape Grace novel (a double volume containing both the prequel and sequel to Wreck of the Untranslatable), versus the first Stchvk Casefiles, featuring our favorite saurian detective in his first two stories, Bad Egg and Broken Record.  

Outlines are also ready for fourth stories in both of those series: Third Time's a Curse and Biological Clock, respectively.  In the latter case, a second story would be enough to finish Stchvk Casefiles #2.  

All that's needed to produce these future volumes is time (to write) and money (for expenses).  You can help with the latter: buy more Empyrean Dreams books!  If you like what we do, help us make more!

We'll still make more, even if you don't like it... just more slowly.

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