Saturday, March 18, 2017

Update: Buy Our Shorts!

Once again, we're doing our part to support the logging, paper-making, and printing industries... and to beat back the relentless assault of the arboreal masses.  

In other words, Empyrean Dreams has released a second book.

Empyrean Shorts contains the compiled short stories of Empyrean Dreams.  All five completed, stand-alone stories from this site - Royce's Dilemma, A.I.I.A., A.I. Codger, Darkness My Friend, and The Swarm - are included, along with two new, previously unpublished tales: Labyrinthine and An Apostate's Path.  This lineup means that both Laine and I are listed as full co-authors.  

It's available first through CreateSpace and on  Introductory joke aside, we're preparing an ebook version, as well.  If you'd like to look at a print copy locally... ask at your local bookseller.  Seriously.  Encourage them to stock Empyrean Dreams books.  

On that note, The Wreck of the Untranslatable went on the shelves at its first bookstore, Werner Books in Erie, PA.  That's Nathan handing them copies for consignment sale.  We'll be working on encouraging wider distribution, but first we need to show success on a small scale.

Thank you to anyone reading this, for checking out our site.  We'll have more updates either as these books expand or when we get the next book (further Tales of the Scape Grace) ready for market.


[Updated 3/20 to add the Amazon link. -NL]

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