Friday, January 23, 2015

Update - Something Old, Something New

Oh no, an update that's not a story.  Those usually mean a pause.

You are correct, but don't forget that site updates often include commitments and a teaser.

In this case, I can promise that Escape from Grace will be completed before I take a full break.  It's stretched to 11 chapters, but that's it.  Done.  All outlined, drafted, and just waiting on the edits.  Probably all posted by February.  There's even a nice little wrapup hinting at the next story...

But before my beloved mutinies against me, I should also mention that I'll be on an enforced break at least until after our nuptials in April.  It's actually necessary, not only for the wedding preparations but also to clear time for other sorts of writing. 

And here's the teaser: Somewhere between the end of Escape and the start of my next full Empyrean Dreams tale, I'll post at least one very short, one-chapter story that I already have written.  Maybe two, but that's the limit. 

So we won't be entirely separated.  I just think it might be good if we saw other people.  Or rather, that my future wife sees more of me. 

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