Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update - Summer Love Confessions

Greetings, Empyrean readers! 

     First, let me say thank you, and we love you.  I've been feeling some love back from a few readers and it is much appreciated.  Since we're giving our 'journeyman pieces' away for free here, gratitude is a nice alternative coin.

     Second, if you're reading this far, let me beg for more.  The work here by Laine and I is done for practice, but also to build up the Empyrean Dreams setting.  We're creating a shared universe and showing others what can be done with it.  Your feedback is appreciated both in person and on the site.  If something is left unclear in a story, if you like a particular feature (a creature, a plotline, a reference, etc.), or want to see more of something, comment!  We'll even take well-considered criticism. 

     Third, here's fair warning for the future.  The Wreck of the *Untranslatable* is not a short story.  It's actually a short novel.  Check out the chapter list page if you haven't already; there will be at least 25 chapters/posts in total.  I'm almost done with the ending.  Since that story has most of my attention lately, Bad Egg has been slow in progressing.  I promise I'll get back to it once Wreck is out of my system. 

     After that, no more promises.  I've got a job to find and maybe a literary agency to chase down, not to mention a handful of non-Empyrean story ideas waiting their turn.  Laine might stop back in for a chapter or two, but she's keeping busy in the non-fictional universe, also... so no presumptions there. 

     Good thing there's enough Wreck to last us another couple of months...


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