Sunday, August 21, 2016

Update: Publication and Cross-promotion

Greetings, Empyrean Readers!

    I'm pleased to announce that one of my non-Empyrean short stories, "The Morrison Hotel", has been accepted for publication in an upcoming edition of The First Line literary magazine ( ). 

    This good news is Empyrean Dreams related in several ways.  First, there's the fascinating coincidence that my first commercially published story shares a common theme with my first self-published story, on this site: Artificial Intelligence.  Take a look at "AIIA", if you haven't read it already.  I was actually thinking about Pangur Ban, the protagonist of "AIIA", when I wrote about the eponymous Morrison Hotel, so they're practically half-siblings.

    Second, there's a chance the publication will mention this site in my biography.  If you're reading here, now, thanks to The First Line, then welcome!  I hope you'll find much to enjoy among my past writings in this shared setting.  I also hope you'll read and enjoy the work by my co-creator, Laine. 

    For those who were already readers here, take a look at The First Line.  The journal itself is a fascinating concept and you'll find many more short stories to enjoy there. 

    I'm already working on a story for the Winter issue, though, so if you think of submitting, you'll have some competition. 


p.s. I'm actually working on an Empyrean story for a different competition, in a different publication.  If that one is accepted, I'll post another update with a pointer.  If not... I'll self-publish it here!