Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Update: Temporarily Exiting Empyrean Space

Hello readers!

Once again, thank you for following the stories at Empyrean Dreams. 

As I've warned before, the conclusions of my past two stories, A Bureaucrat's Tale and Broken Record, mark the beginning of a hiatus from this site.  I'll be devoting my time to other writing, with the aim of seeing something finally in print... not to mention seeking other employment if available. 

Unless Laine finds time to continue past stories or start new ones, this site will be quiet for several months.  I expect I won't be contributing again until after the Summer. 

That's not to say I don't have more Empyrean stories demanding to be told.  The first chapter of a new Stchvk detective story has already been written, and outlines of that story and two others wait on my hard drive.  One of those is the next journey of the Scape Grace

I'm not even done with science fiction, although my next work in that genre will be scientifically 'harder' than Empyrean's pulp-ish space opera.   Another project is a live action diplomacy game.  Who knows?  If that project takes off, we might get the opportunity to realize the original goal of Empyrean Dreams: an original ray-guns and rocket-ships RPG, suitable especially for live play.  LARP with aliens. 

I call dibs on playing Stchvk.  I already know where I can get a suitable dinosaur mask.


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