Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Update - In Piscibus Sole

Hello, Empyrean readers!

You may have noticed that, after a longer-than-expected gap, I've started updating regularly, more quickly than even I expected.  The last few chapters of Broken Record bubbled up rapidly, and in fact, the story is completely drafted.  I'm just catching up on the editing now before posting each chapter.  It was also a longer story than I ever thought.  At around 95,000 words, it's actually the longest Empyrean story yet, longer even than The Wreck of the Untranslatable (~82,500 words).  That's practically novel length.  Slap Bad Egg and Broken Record together, and you've got a classic sci-fi two-pack for publication.

I like that idea.  I really like how both stories came out, separately and together. I have several further ideas for stories about Stchvk, not to mention the Scape Grace crew.  So I'm definitely on the lookout for a publisher. 

But first, I have other manuscripts also on offer.  Between getting them in presentable shape and prepping submissions for agents, I'll have to set A Bureaucrat's Tale aside for now.  It'll still get done, just more slowly. 

In the meantime, you have five more chapters of Broken Record to look forward to in March, including the big, revelatory ending.  I hope it's as thrilling for you to read as it was to write.  Once that's done, I'll post another update for both of you to read. 

All of you.  I'm hoping we get some retroactive traffic later, once Laine and I are famous.

- Nathan

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