Thursday, August 6, 2015

Update - Long Ago in a State Far Far Away...

It seems that travel does stimulate new inspiration, whether it's intentional or not.  Besides the grand expedition of our honeymoon, I've also spent one week camping and almost four weeks total in a different state.  During that time, I've written a considerable amount, some of it even for Empyrean! 

Besides the Featured Species article you've already seen, I'm starting the first chapter of a sequel to Bad Egg.  Yes, Stchvk returns!  You'll have to read to find out how.  I'm also plotting out how A Bureaucrat's Tale will end; it looks like I'll need 2-3 chapters to finish that story. 

The adventures of the Scape Grace also demand continuation; the challenge there is to decide which story deserves attention first: the immediate events following Escape from Grace?  The individual chronicles describing the addition of NuRikPo, Katy Olu, Gleamer, or the Georges to captain Lerner's motley crew?  The inevitable death of Mikala Turell?  Or should I go into a tale of the Grace's future exploits, beyond The Wreck of the Untranslatable?  All these stories have a few (pages of) notes written.  Hopefully they'll all be fully fleshed in time.

Last, Laine has finally succumbed to my insistence and one of our "secret projects" is progressing again.  I have no idea when that one will be ready, but I'm already terribly entertained by its current form (which isn't even its Final Form, naturally). 

So even though it's been slow and might stay slow for a bit, be assured that more content is coming.  That ought to be our site's motto: Content is Coming.


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