Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Update - What's Been Going On

This winter has been an especially difficult one on me.  I've had a lot of trouble not only setting my thoughts down but coming up with thoughts to set down in the first place.  I promised to return to regular posting after my holiday break, and at this point realize that I should not have taken a holiday break at all.

My fiance and I were talking about it over our Valentine's/Lupercalia dinner.  He asked me why I was feeling down and reminded me that not giving myself creative time has never ended well.  Sometimes I just need a reminder: if I don't write, I wither.  There are other creative outlets that I have, but I am not nearly as confident in any of them.  Not expressing myself in this ways kills me slowly and I can feel it.

I appreciate the patience of my readers, those who have stuck with me through this dry spell.  I can't promise that I'm going to be as regular as I once was, or that I'm going to continue with all the same story lines (although I hate it when a story is left to die) but more content will be added and there will be more updates.

I may need to adapt my tone and style a little bit to keep up with the changes in my life.  I may need to alter content a little bit to cleave to my ever-changing interests.  I do, however, intend to continue to provide regular content.

So thank you for sitting with me through this lull.  I promise more stories to come!

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